How EarnLinku Works?

I have given you the overview of EarnLinku, but there are some questions left how EarnLinku earn money and why EarnLinku pays you. To clear this question i will give you an example. If any advertiser wants to sell his product online. He need more visitors to see his products to buy his products online, now EarnLinku is the best solution for advertiser. Let’s check out complete working of EarnLinku.

Advertiser pays money to EarnLinku to show his website to worldwide visitors, let’s say advertiser paid $4 per 1000 visits.
EarnLinku takes a cut. Let’s say EarnLinku takes $0.4.
EarnLinku shows the advertisement for 10 sec. when a visitors clicks on publisher’s links. Publisher gets rest of $3.6 on his link.

EarnLinku - Make short links and earn the biggest money

Simple Details:
Network Type: CPC, CPM
Ad Formats: Banner Ads
Minimum Payout: $3
Payment Options:Paypal
Payment Time : Daily and Monthly
Referral: 35%
Payout for 10000 views: Upto $11

Published on: 9/26/18, 3:41 AM